Strange Sleepers

Belly laughs... this man flashes his stomach to fellow passengers

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Time to get up ... a rail worker tries to rouse this dozy commuter

(@SebastianWallace via Twitter)

A sleepy man drifts off during his midnight snack

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Hands off...This commuter catches some shut-eye halfway through adjusting

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Commuter falls asleep after a night out


Sleep me baby one more time... Man dressed as Britney catches his 40 winks

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I'm only sleeping... Commuter dozes off with legs over armrest

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Make yourself at home... Commuter on the subway mistakes the train floor for his bed

(@SmashedStudents via Twitter)

Not on the floor...Commuter is captured sprawled out on the floor of the Central Line

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Out like a light... Fellow coach passengers are greeted with this classy commuter

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Interesting use of the tray table from this commuter here...

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Very unfortunate positioning from this man

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This bloke is pictured sprawled across the floor of the tube...

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Classy traveler... This commuter gets herself in a right tangle on her journey

(@mammasheen via Twitter) 


I guess that's one way to do it...

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